Janusirsasana 3
Janusirsasana 3

“I have studied Shadow Yoga with Tim for nearly 10 years. I have learnt more with him than with any other teacher. The practice continues to open up on different levels which keeps the practice fresh. Tim is an excellent teacher who brings great knowledge and humour to his role”.

~ Comar Wilson

“Tim is an excellent yoga teacher. He really thinks about you the student and is able to dip into a large pool of knowledge to instruct you on what is good for you and to correct you but at the same time work within your limitations”.

~ Alex Shinder

Yoga Classes in South Somerset

Tim teaches open yoga classes in Frome and privately one to one anywhere within a 30 min drive of Bruton or Frome. You can attend courses, workshops and weekly classes in one of a number of venues, make arrangements for a group class in your workplace, or book a one to one private session and learn in the comfort of your own home. Keep visiting this site for the latest information.

Regular Timetable:

This page details only ‘in person’ classes. Please visit the Online Yoga Classes page for the current online timetable. Online Classes

Thursday: 7.30-8.30pm Shadow Yoga for men. A yoga class for the ‘flexibly challenged’
@ Room Frome, Unit 1a ScoR Road, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1AL Wednesday

Monthy subscription from as little as £20
This class is a little different to the average drop-in yoga class, so I have included a little blurb on it below.

Private Tuition, Group Bookings
For Private yoga tuition or to make a corporate booking contact Tim directly.

Shadow Yoga for Men

A yoga class for the ‘flexibly challenged’

Have you thought about doing a regular yoga class but decided it’s not for you? As a guy who had no natural flexibility when he started practising yoga, I understand how that feels. However, although increased flexibility is a welcome side-effect of yoga, It is not the goal, nor should a lack of it put you off from starting to practice!
Something I hear so, so often is, ‘I’m too inflexible to do yoga’. Well, you’re not too inflexible to do this class!

These sessions will gently challenge your limits whilst reminding you not to push beyond them, after all, this isn’t the gym and pulling a muscle in your back whilst trying to touch your toes is not the way to go. Each person will be guided according to their current level of ability, it’s not a one size fits all approach.

You’ll build strength and stamina whilst developing greater control of your breathing and that translates as a more peaceful mind and calmer disposition, making it easier to deal with everyday stress. The experience of your mind being more connected to your body is an added bonus and one you’ll come to appreciate in time.

And in case you’re wondering what shadow yoga is, in a nutshell, it’s a school of yoga that focuses on preparatory exercises and the cultivation of strength and internal energy.