“Tim’s classes are really enjoyable. He’s knowledgeable, imaginative and patient and has a gift for describing subtle aspects of movement and breath. His classes are always interesting and you leave feeling grounded and energised”.

~ Rosie Gleeson

Private tuition

Shadow yoga is well suited to private tuition as the ethos of this school is to deal with each person as an individual. The class can be focused on slowly building stamina, strength, and flexibility. Or if appropriate, a more challenging and demanding class can be taught.

Tim teaches privately to individuals and small groups across Somerset and London in the comfort of ones own home. He also teaches corporate clients in the workplace.

To make further enquiries, or to make a booking, contact Tim directly

A little background info…
The meaning of the word yoga comes from the sanskrit root ‘to yoke’ or join together. A yoke is a traditional harness used on cattle to control them and guide them in their work. It brings power/energy under control so that it can be used in the most constructive way. The oldest known book written on yoga, ‘The Yoga Sutras’ by the sage Patanjali says; yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of consciousness. The simplicity of this statement conceals the implications and power of such an outcome, and here in the west we often lose sight of this goal by taking hatha yoga and diluting it down to its most basic physical forms. We tend to catagorise it by the many schools/methods which have been developed by different gurus i.e. Astanga, Iyengar, Sivananda and Kundalini to name a few, but all of these systems are designed with the same outcome; to reach a level of self realisation, or the state of Raja yoga, (which can be translated as royal path or shining forth). According to Patanjali that is just the beginning!

The hatha method involves ‘8 limbs’ (astanga) and asana, the postures that we naturally associate with yoga, is but one of these. Pranayama or control of the vital energy through the breath is another ‘limb’. It is an advanced practise beyond the ability of the casual yoga practitioner, but basic preparatory elements are sometimes introduced in general yoga classes.

According to yogic anatomy we are made up of three bodies and five sheaths or layers/shadows which can be dissolved through the practise of hatha yoga. Along with an understanding and application of ayurvedic principles the Shadow yoga school teaches three forms/preludes which are preparatory routines designed to open and strengthen the physical body, and prepare it for the asana practice which is ideally given to the individual by an experienced teacher according to his or her needs.