“Yoga classes can be repetitive, following the same pattern of poses from week to week and no more exciting or stimulating than a routine exercise class.  Yoga with Tim is a journey, with a real sense of forward movement and discovery. His classes are never routine and rarely the same from one to the next. He’s a terrific teacher, full of interesting and helpful details and Shadow Yoga and the elements of Qi Gong he introduces are a real pleasure to learn and practice”.

~ Mark Redhead

Yoga for beginners in South Somerset

Shadow yoga is perfect for beginners! In fact, it is one of the most beginner friendly schools you will find.  However, scanning over this or other shadow yoga websites, one could be forgiven for thinking it is only for the more seasoned yoga student. This most certainly is not the case.

The terminology that we use is taken from the texts so it can sound very serious, but don’t let that put you off. This system of yoga takes a specific approach not found in other modern day schools, in that it uses preparatory forms. These are dynamic sequences of movements, the likes of which are still found in many forms of martial arts, as well as the traditional dances of Southern India. In a nutshell, these simple movements are essential for cultivating inner power. Believe it or not, advanced yoga poses and extreme flexibility are not actually necessary for this most fundamental, and indeed crucial aspect of yoga and the physical arts. Without this inner power however, one resorts to blind muscular force which leads to nowhere of intrinsic value.

So where do you start?
The best place is with an introduction course to learn the fundamental principles which include joint warm-up sequences, basic stances to build strength and flexibility, and developing coordination of physical movements with ones breathing to develop mental focus. This can be done in a group class, in one-to-one private sessions, or of course both.

Private bookings are available Monday to Friday.

To book a private class, call Tim. Tel: 07888730542 or email: info@timcumminsyoga.com