Online Yoga Classes

March 20th 2020
In light of the current situation that is affecting all of us and our ability to attend our regular yoga classes, whether as a teacher or a student, I have decided to offer online yoga tuition for the first time.
Classes will be donation-based, as it allows those of you who suddenly find themselves in an unexpectedly precarious financial position, to join in and do precisely the kind of thing your mind and body needs right now.
If you are in a financially stable position, perhaps you can consider a minimum donation of £10, but I leave it to you. If you choose to pay, follow this link:

Alternatively you can pay directly into my bank account. Contact me for details.
This will be a steep learning curve for me as I’m not a techie person, but I hope to provide you with substance and quality learning.

Once you are in this group I will send you Zoom invites for the classes. You simply follow the link and follow the instructions – it’s VERY simple! You will probably choose to download the Zoom app for ease of use.


DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of these classes I will be unable to see you in the same way as I would in an actual studio class, if at all, so it is imperative that you take responsibility for your own safety whilst following along. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF, so if you have any doubts about your ability to join in safely, please refrain. If you have any underlying health issues, please check with your GP in advance of joining and get the all clear.

GENERAL RULES: Er on the side of caution; if something feels too strong/intense for you…back off and take it easy. If you feel any pain, especially in your joints; come out of the pose and check that you’re doing it correctly, and if necessary skip the posture for now. No yoga pose is worth hurting yourself for. How do you know if you’re pushing yourself too hard? As a rough guide, you won’t be able to breathe correctly and as instructed.



Tuesday at 19.00 Shadow Yoga for my regular students. This class will help you develop a self-practice over the coming weeks so that you might eventually practice on your own, and go deeper in your own individual yoga practice.

Thursday at 19.00 Yoga Level 1

Wednesday afternoon: Available for one to one/small group bookings. Limited availability!

Saturday at 15.00 Yoga Level 1-2

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