Salutations to the Teacher

Well it’s taken years of dedicated practise. But the penny has finally dropped. The bigger picture, the long game, the intelligence behind the method, it’s clear now. What am I talking about? In a nutshell the path of hatha yoga as taught by my teacher Shandor Remete, or as his school is known, Shadow Yoga.
I have been practising yoga for a long time now, and shadow yoga in particular for the last 12 years. I did my teacher training at Islington Yoga with John and Karen Evans whilst travelling each year to do courses with Shandor and Emma Balnaves. But it is only now, after completing the crowning course of the teacher training program with them both this March, that I truly feel complete in my training. The edge of the blade honed. Such is the power and skilfull intelligence as teachers that these two wonderful and generous human beings possess. It was a privilege to be present (this was the last teachers program they will run) and a blessing in the true sense of the word.
For the last 16 years I have been gathering myself together. Now I am ready to teach.
With love and respect to Zhander and Emma.

Perugia airport 28/4/12

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