'Bakasthana' the Crane, from the third shadow yoga prelude 'Karttikeya mandala'.

‘Bakasthana’, the Crane.


Hatha Yoga in London and Somerset

Tim Cummins teaches Shadow Yoga classes in Frome, Somerset and is also available for private bookings in London and Frome and Bruton and anywhere within a 30 mins drive. He has been teaching at Triyoga in London for over 10 years and was part of the Teacher Training faculty as well as teaching corporate clients and one to one private yoga lessons all over London, plus yoga courses and yoga holidays in the U.K. and abroad.

Tim has been teaching yoga for over 23 years. His background includes Sivananda and Astanga Vinyasa yoga.
When, in 2000, he heard about Shadow yoga with its seeming integration of martial art movements he naturally gravitated towards it. Shadow yoga focuses on cultivating sensitivity to the breath and internal sensations, together with the correct placement of the body and its limbs so as to free areas where obstructions naturally occur (marma). This forms the foundation to the asana practice, and it negates the confusion that arises when one instead focuses on achieving a posture through physical force/imposition or being seduced by aesthetics.

He is now a trained Five Elements acupuncturist and is using his more refined understanding of the energetic channels and the energetic functioning of the Organs to further guide his teaching.

The school of Shadow Yoga was founded by Sundernath (Shandor Remete).

“Before I found Tim, I was ‘sacked’ by a yoga teacher who told me I “wasn’t flexible enough in mind or body” to do yoga.  And it’s true up to a point.  Physically, I’m about as naturally flexible as a house brick.  I have lost count of the number of times I have claimed various postures were anatomically impossible for someone like me.  Yet with Tim’s way of explaining things and his ability to understand what I find difficult and how I might work my way forward I have achieved progress, enjoyment and satisfaction that I (and my previous teacher!) thought was beyond me.”

~ Ian Simpson

“Tim guided my introduction into Shadow yoga and I feel so grateful to him and to this incredible lineage of wisdom embodied in this practice. He was a very considerate and able teacher. Each lesson was a wonderful journey, never repetitive, always enlightening and challenging. The lessons were intelligently strung together in a way that gave clarity and cohesion and enabled the body and mind to assimilate the teaching. He worked to give us all a real feel for the practice, in his beautiful descriptions, sequences and postures. I thoroughly recommend both the Shadow Yoga practice and Tim as a guide, to anyone serious about the Yoga path”.

~ Nicole Freris