'Bakasthana' the Crane, from the third shadow yoga prelude 'Karttikeya mandala'.

‘Bakasthana’, the Crane.



Hatha Yoga in London

Tim Cummins teaches Shadow Yoga classes in Crouch End, North London, plus level 1 and level 1-2  Hatha Yoga classes at Triyoga in Camden. Tim also teaches small groups, corporate clients and one to one private yoga lessons all over London, plus yoga courses and yoga holidays in the U.K. and abroad.

Tim has been practising yoga for over 20 years. His background includes Sivananda and Astanga Vinyasa yoga.
When, in 2000, he heard about Shadow yoga with its seeming integration of martial art movements he naturally gravitated towards it. Shadow yoga focuses on cultivating sensitivity to the breath and internal sensations, together with the correct placement of the body and it’s limbs so as to free areas where obstructions naturally occur (marma). This forms the foundation to the asana practice, and it negates the confusion that arises when one instead focuses on achieving a posture through physical force/imposition or being seduced by aesthetics.
The school of Shadow Yoga was founded by Zhander Remete.